Monday, August 25, 2008


While getting my syllabus ready for an HCI class I found a Don Norman video I'd been looking for: "Cautious Cars & Cantankerous Kitchens". The content of the talk is good, but the presentation on the website is also nice. You see the video and the Norman's slides synchronized to the video. You can also flip back and forth between big-slide-small-video and big-video-small-slides.

Norman gave the same talk as part of the free Stanford HCI seminar. I've been a fan of the seminar for years, but accessing the videos can be a nightmare since you had to go through the Stanford professional education site, register, click around, ... Now you can subscribe to the Stanford HCI podcast and the world is much simpler. If you want to see the same talk, look in the Winter 2007 tab for Don Norman. Unfortunately, the video and audio quality is not as good, nor are the slides synchronized, like the other version.

Speaking of video, I watched part of a documentary about JPL on one of the Comcast high def channels this weekend. had an entry today that you can download the video (even captioned!), including the high def version here.