Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sting (or String) and monowheels

The local public radio station has a good program called In the Mode. The 24 August 2008 show was about Sting and his lute-playing friend singing 16c songs. You can listen to it on the KVPR website, but watch for the funny typo: String plays Dowland.

What does that have to do with monowheels? Nothing, except maybe Sting watched the Olympics closing ceremony and saw them. In about third grade I think a bunch of us invented them while doodling. But we never actually made one like these folks did.

Bonus: I think I originally saw this on Slashdot, but it reminded me of the Mythbuster's visit to campus last year. On this video, Adam talks about how they were out-lawyered when they wanted to do a show about RFID. Adam does sort of Lessig/Hardt style PowerPoint presentation in Part 1.

While you are on YouTube you might also want to catch Kevin Mitnick's "Life of a Computer Hacker Revealed".