Friday, January 01, 2010

Starting 2010

This is additional 2009 wrap-up, but I'm too late for that. Here's more:
Always good to see what Bruce Schneier is thinking about "TSA Absurdity and the Need for Resilience". This time, in The Atlantic.
Obsolete learning technologies
Including a link to 21 technologies that became obsolete in the 2000s.
The serendipity of Google Streetview
Lots of people are finding interesting things on streetview, so I looked around Fresno and found these folks downtime. OK, not very interesting.
Cool cities
There more to it than attracting knowledge workers, see "Attracting "Knowledge" Workers is a Bad Strategy".
A provocative piece on "Unpacking the Central Valley “dust bowl” lies". You can also watch the recent 60 minutes segment.
Slow cookin'
This guy "started an experimental crock pot based vegetarian lifestyle in September 2009" and blogs about it daily, well almost.