Friday, May 01, 2009

Magic, storm tracking

The most recent Wired is really good, besides an article about the Georgia henge I talked about earlier is one about Penn & Teller. The latter is a coauthor of an article in Nature Reviews Neuroscience "Attention and awareness in stage magic: turning tricks into research". It reminds me a little of Tog's classic "Magic and software design" that I've talked about before (he's also recently posted part two of a discussion about inclusive design). Speaking of inclusiveness, we've been emphaizing captioning of videos. Here's a little spoof that was going around today for you Woodstock fans.

Some bonus things:
  • Mike Oz at the Fresno Bee continues his "Worst flyer of the week" selections.
  • A couple of people asked me recently about the Sierra Remote Observatories in the mountains east of here.
  • I was looking at a street-level weather map here.
  • and finally, a story via Steve about rebooting.