Saturday, April 05, 2008

In most men there lurks a lesser man, and his presence smells in the sun

Yes that title is from the same book as the previous two blog titles :)

Anyway, summer is about here, so I recommend that you have a pool party and tie dye something. We had great success with pillowcases and sheets (but never did a couch). But now fashion designers are muscling in on my creative space.

I noticed that Stanford is hosting a talk by Randy Breen from Emotiv Systems (the abstract for the talk is interesting). They've devloped a non-invasive EEG neuroheadset (a lot different than where things were back in the day).

But the big story of today was getting a Pegge Hopper signed poster at the sale, and listening to the Radio Lab show about how songs get stuck in your head (featuring Oliver Sacks).