Sunday, August 05, 2007


Back in April I wrote about ONE QUART ZIP TOP BAGS. Airport security is in the news again:
  • A new TSA directive as of yesterday about what kinds of electronics needs to be removed from your carry-on luggage for scanning (in addition to laptops computers).
  • A summary of a Q&A with security expert Bruce Schneier at DefCon. An excerpt:

    The first thing he talked about was the need for ID to fly on US airlines, or lack thereof... Bruce says you simply need to go to the airline and say that you don't have an ID. You will be issued a boarding pass with "No ID" on it... So, the whole no fly list thing just went out the door. If you are an evildoer, just buy a ticket under someone else's name, go up and say you lost your ID, and go on through. Security theater at it's finest. Luckily, this only inconveniences you if you are honest.

  • Schneier does his own Q&A with the head of the TSA.