Friday, January 12, 2007

Spaf on security

Here's streaming audio and video of Spaf being interviewed about "US Computer Insecurity". This is a nice layman's level discussion.

I was going to try to joke about how the next interview in the series is about "Redefining Masculinity" and how much more interesting it would be if the producers had mixed up the guests for the two weeks, but I refrain.

In the spirit of my recent postings about HICSS, here's some trivia: I first met spaf at HICSS-22 in 1989. As I recall, someone in his posse was collecting our unused drink tickets. Allegedly.

Disclaimer: I wouldn't have written the two previous paragraphs if I didn't know about spaf's tolerance of bad attempts at humor. Judging from his recent post to Web-Heads about a man and a dead horse, I think he's still warped :)