Friday, March 17, 2006

Rilly vs Reely

How you pronounce "really", or whether you say "pop" or "soda", says a lot about you, or at least about where you learned english.

The NY Times had yet another article about dialect. That reminded me of the really-reely-rilly and pop-soda questions, and the various dialect maps on the web.

Here's a collection of maps about pronunciations, and although they are pretty I don't find them credible since everyone knows that "the City" refers to San Francisco and not those other places (I cite this Wikipepdia section as proof :)

As entertaining as maps are, audio is better yet. You can listen to dialect samples by state, here's California. The first sample is from a "self-confessed 'Valley Girl' does indeed have the glottalization, the 'questioning' intonation, and the creaky voice associated with that dialect."

Extra credit if you find a sample from the upper midwest that sounds like the characters from the movie Fargo.