Saturday, February 04, 2006

Some Computer Science and Software Engineering things

I don't Su Doku, and I find Stan Kelly-Bootle's columns irritating, but in
this column from ACM Queue he talks about the death of Jef Raskin, and also about some interesting thoughts about what makes any particular Su Doku puzzle easy or difficult.

Also in ACM Queue is a nice interview with Alan Kay where he talks quite a bit about programming languages. In the interview, Kay mentions Niklaus Wirth,
which reminded me that in the January 2006 IEEE Computer magazine, Wirth writes an article "Good Ideas, through the Looking Glass" where he talks about ideas that seemed good at the time, but in retrospect maybe weren't so great.

Examples from hardware to software include: "magnetic bubble memory", "virtual
addressing", "complex instruction sets", "Algol's complicated for
statement", "functional programming", "logic programming", and
"object-oriented programming"!

Fresno State student can access the article electronically by clicking this link, then connecting to IEEE Xplore.

UH Manoa students can access the article electronically by clicking this link and click on Computer.

While you are there looking at the electronic IEEE Computer you can also read "NASA's Exploration Agenda and Capability Engineering" :)