Monday, November 14, 2005

Books, comedians, and great americans

Bob Colwell. "Books Engineers Should Read," Computer, vol. 38, no. 11, pp. 7-10, November, 2005. If you can't access the article, try this link for a free copy. (Note to Fresno State students: you have access to all the IEEE publications through the library's electronic subscription to IEEE Xplore, just find it on the list and click on Connect.)

Colwell also has an amusing article about giving presenations: Bob Colwell. "Presentation Lessons from Comedians," Computer, vol. 38, no. 9, pp. 10-13, September, 2005. If you can't access the article click on this link for a free copy. (Same note applies for Fresno State students).

Mark R. Hamilton writes about why is it that the people immediately above us in the org chart are idiots? Are they really? See "Two rules for communication."