Saturday, September 24, 2005

Some techie stuff to listen to or watch

Here's some stuff you can have playing in the background...

  • In 2001 SDM had a conference of software engineering pioneers (Wirth, Parnas, Fagan, Guttag, and more). You can watch streaming video for most of the talks. All are in English except for Parnas' talk!
  • Dr. Dobb's has archived webcasts (audio and video) of talks by famous people such as Don Knuth, Marvin Minksky, ...
  • Terry Winograd's HCI Seminar at Stanford has a talk every Friday. Here is the course homepage.
  • It looks like the stuff that used to be on the Multi-University Research Laboratory (MURL) Seminar Series website is now on the the Research Channel.
  • Listen to three experts on usability being interviewed on NPR's Science Friday. Don Norman and Henry Petroski and Michael Graves discuss the design of computers and potato peelers.
  • An interesting and amusing article on building Apple's first computer mice. Some video clips of Douglas Engelbart demonstrating video conferencing and shared workspaces back in 1968. More Engelbart and mouse pictures
    and information.
  • Some talks from the 2005 Usenix Technical Conference. Here's a link directly to the mp3s.